Valerie Rose

Your thoughts create your results in all that you do. What actions and results have your thoughts created today? How strong do you believe your thoughts to be? Well, Let’s chat for a minute. Your mind is so powerful, you can allow it to set you up to fail or set you up to win! Until you realize just how powerful your mind is, you will never be able to control it enough in-order to allow a major shift in your thought process. The kind of shift that will change your life (no this is not some fairy tale post, I mean it!) To create a different life, you must start by first changing your thoughts. What you think, you attract. If you think negative thoughts, you will create negative results. Pretty simple!

I coach on this with all of my clients and the transformations are incredible! I may sound like a broken record when it comes to your mindset but IDC, I cant stress enough the importance with the correlation between your thoughts and the daily actions and results of your life. It’s not the circumstances in your life creating a life you are not happy with, it’s Your negative thoughts that are creating the life you are not happy with! And until you learn to change your thoughts about your circumstances, you will continue to live your life in a cycle of procrastination, self doubt, depression, anxiety….. You may have moments of motivation, self love, hope etc. but it won’t last, because your true thoughts never changed!

That’s the cycle so many of us are in and unfortunately stay in our entire lives! One of the most amazing things I discovered through my coach and something I’ve practiced in my life since then is called the model. The model was created by Mrs. Castillo. I will talk more about this and how it’s changed my life in an incoming video. Watch for it!! You won’t want to miss it! Below is an example of the model, Pay close attention:

  • Circumstances create Thoughts
  • Thoughts create Feelings
  • Feelings create Actions
  • Actions create Results

What thoughts do you continue to have daily about your circumstances that keep you where you are in life? What thoughts do you have to shift about your circumstances to create the life you’ve always wanted? Seriously, think about it!

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