Your thoughts create your results

Your thoughts create your results in all that you do. What actions and results have your thoughts created today? How strong do you believe your thoughts to be? Well, Let’s chat for a minute. Your mind is so powerful, you can allow it to set you up to fail or set you up to win! Until you realize just how powerful your mind is, you will never be able to control it enough in-order to allow a major shift in your thought process. The kind of shift that will change your life (no this is not some fairy tale post, I mean it!) To create a different life, you must start by first changing your thoughts. What you think, you attract. If you think negative thoughts, you will create negative results. Pretty simple!
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Setbacks are a part of life, just sit back, grab a pen and refocus

A bit overwhelmed these past couple weeks with so much to do and a few unseen setbacks. I may have over did it with Goals I set and time lines. But no need to panic or get overwhelmed, Just refocus. So time to reflect, relax and restructure my goals to break them down with more realistic time lines. Setbacks are a part of life, just sit back, grab a pen and refocus, BUT never over delay a goal or give up.

Don’t be controlled by these 6 things


Let nothing negative in life control your drive, growth and your success at reaching your goals! Yes, as I always say, you have every right to have moments of pain, hurt, defeat and fear. Just don’t let the negative emotions consume you enough, you fall! Have the moment, and move on!

Its hard to reach goals when we let other things/people/situations control us. Whether you are starting a new goal, or have been struggling with the same goal. The goal we want so bad, constantly leaves our view. We have all been there and many of us are still there, and will continue to be there until something changes. You know, the never ending cycle of start/quit, start/quite, motivated/unmotivated?! I know you know what I’m talking about!! It will go on for as long as you allow it or until your entire mindset changes. With a fresh and positive new mindset, you will break the words to yourself, “I’m getting no where, why?” and the cycle that never seems to end. Letting negative battles get in your way is a sure lead to disaster over and over. When your mindset finally changes, you will know. You, mentally will become so strong, you will automatically get back up and continue to push harder each time you fall until you have no option but to stay off the grown.

Remember, there will always be so many things in life that will bring us down, create doubt in ourselves, push us to are breaking point etc etc etc. That will never change. But what can change, is your reaction. In these moments is when you have to be the strongest and shout out, “NO MORE”. Having a strong mindset will not allow anything to control you OR destroy you. It will take work, a lot of work and consistency to change your mindset. It will not be easy most days to change, truth be told! You will battle with yourself daily. But, I promise once you do, its absolutely life changing! One great start to changing you mindset, is gaining control. Take control of the negative things that may be controlling you now!

Stay committed beautiful, and DO NOT let any outside noise make you fall or limit your growth!

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