Welcome to Valerie Rose Coaching! As a skilled fitness and nutrition coach, as well as a mindset coach, Valerie works with her clients to help them overcome challenges that may be preventing them from achieving their goals. She chose to pursue a career in fitness and mindset coaching because she loves helping people. She offers programs specifically designed for women who want to feel happy, healthy, and fulfilled in every aspect of their lives.

We know you know what a Fitness coach is, but you may be asking yourself, “What exactly is a mindset coach, what does this have to do with my fitness goals, and how can it help me?” Welp, listen up! You can not have a healthy body without a healthy mind. You can not create permanent change without a positive mindset. That is why so many of us are in constant self sabotage moments with our on and off again happy, miserable cycles. Your mindset is a set of attitudes held by you. These attitude's you have influence every action and non-action in your life, both professional and personal. In the mindset coaching part, we look at these attitudes that you have about yourself, and see if they are compatible with where you really want to be in life and with your fitness goals. We work through your old way of thinking (you know, the thoughts that have held you back) and create new positive ways of thinking to unleash the hold you have placed on yourself and unleash the bad habits. We will also work on removing any obstacles that have prevented your growth personally and physically. By working a bit on your mindset and changing the way you process your thoughts, as well as focusing on your fitness goals, your end actions will majorly shift to create a happier and healthier you! An end result of permanent change, no more vicious cycles!

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